Our story began long ago. I found myself as a new graduate preparing to move out of state for my first teaching job. Since I had no furniture, I asked my mother if I could refinish the old dresser and armoire my dad used for tools and storage in the garage. I didn't have google or youtube back then, so I figured it out on my own. You can see those pieces above and now you can find them in my current home, 36 years later. Since then, I've been busy teaching, raising a family and traveling, but I've always found time to do things to keep my creative soul fed. Throughout the years, my husband and I have renovated and redesigned our current home and outdoor living space. Right now, our garage is full of unwanted ugly furniture. I've adopted each piece because I see its potential. I am inspired to RELOVE these vintage pieces and now I am thrilled to offer them to you! I have to give a lot of credit to my husband,who I force to repair my flea market and curbside finds. I'd also like to thank my local friends, who have my number on speed dial when they spot a lonely unloved relic. It takes a village, right? Besides selling my pieces, I hope to inspire others locally or my followers to learn how to use techniques and products to relove their own pieces and see the potential in themselves! 




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